The Carer’s Union was established as a response to the difficult situation in which a considerable part of family and other informal carers who intensively and on a long term basis care for someone close from their vicinity find themselves. Family care is essential for the social care system in the Czech Republic.                                                      

 The Carer’s Union z. s. is an open community of people who want to participate on the support of caregivers. It was founded by carers themselves. People who want and need a change. 

It brings together carers across the spectrum, regardless of the difference in the need for care. 

The Carer’s Union aims to change the position of carers in our legislation. Care recipients are concerned about the protection of carers, strengthening the rights of carers and improving the situation of carers as well. Less exhausted, calmer and financially better secured carer means better chance of more relaxed care. More relaxed care is also a prevention of the risk of sudden termination of care due to the exhaustion of the carer.
Changes in the status of citizens with disabilities are the aim of sufficient number of other organizations with years of experience. Whereas nobody had yet seriously and systematically dealt with the situation of carers.

We believe that not only carers, but our society as a whole needs changes in the position of carers. Citizens from among the general public who never provided care have often no idea who a long-term carer is. Some think that it is a mother on maternity leave. Others believe that long-term carers are very well paid for their care, that they are doing it for the money, which they take advantage of. Others will tell you that the carers decided to provide care on their own, so what do they want.
We believe it is necessary to explain to the public the carer issues in order to improve the way of thinking and perception of carers and their importance for society.

The Carer’s Union has in its short existence confirmed, that the task it took upon itself is very hard, time-consuming and the way to it will be arduous. We will advance by small steps, but we certainly will not give up. Everyone, especially women, probably provided, provides, or will provide care at some point.

At this point, we are walking the path of raising awareness to make the carer visible - we spread leaflets, photos, organize exhibitions, seminars, conferences, participate in negotiations and discussions. We observe developments on the political scene that concerns carers and try to comment on the situation and to express publicly our opinions. The Carer’s Union care strengthens membership to gain a strong mandate for the fulfilment of its objectives leading to a change in the position of carers in society.

 The aim of the Union is:


  •  Uniting the efforts of various organizations, individuals and carers with the aim of multiplying the force for promoting the interests of carers in the Czech Republic
  •  Monitoring the needs of families with a disabled member rather than their deficits
  •  Achieving the social climate shift to greater recognition and respect for carers
  •  Advocating changes in legislation so as to be applicable on all carers or families with a member with a disability
  •  Being a full-fledged partner in political negotiations
  •  Creating an open dialogue on the situation of carers in the Czech Republic
  •  Systematic approach to conceptual solutions for carers in all contexts